Friday, December 12, 2008

Top Five comics about gaming

Here are my top five comics about gaming. Tabletop, that is, not computer gaming, which I do not find as inherently funny. Lots of comics have gaming as a side theme, but these deal directly with it. And each one has made me pee my pants laughing at one point or another.

5. Yet Another Fantasy Gaming Comic is one I stumbled across. You can't beat seven updates a week, a wry sense of humor, and a deeply involved storyline that makes one care about goofy characters.

4. DM of the Rings. This strip makes me wish Tolkien had penned a fourth LotR book so Seamus Young could have continued this wickedly funny parody. What if Lord of the Rings were a gaming campaign? Well now we know.

3. Goblins. Yes, it has moved from parody to melodrama. The art is awsome, and MinMax is priceless.

2. Dork Tower. The great granddaddy of gaming comics. John Kovalic understands the psychology of gamers better than anyone. He mocks from a position of deep sympathy, and he makes us laugh at ourselves.

1. Order of the Stick. Man, it's almost cliche to have OOtS occupying first place. But know what? It deserves to be here. Closing in on a thousand strips, and it's still fresh and funny.

OK, no sooner did I finish this list than I began to regret omissions. My apologies to Nodwick/FullFrontal Nerdity, Action Figure Theater, and even the Wotch, all of which deserve to be here. The sadly-on-hiatus Elf Only Inn also deserves a shout-out.

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