Saturday, July 9, 2011

Historicon Photos

Here's a few shots of Historicon, the larges Historical Miniatures convention in the world, and it's practically in my back yard (at the King of Prussia Convention Center). The crowd was largely old, white, portly, and male, but there was enough diversity in all categories to satisfy me that the hobby is moving past its old stereotypes.

I've been starting up some 25mm Old West Figures, and I found the following game table inspiring. It was over 20' long, with sectors covering an Old West town, a prospectors camp, a rocky mountain, a sandstone desert, and a southwestern Mission settlement. Got me psyched to buy my first Western Buildings from the nice people at Old Glory.

One of the coolest setups I saw, a highly detailed rendering of the landing beaches and trenches at Gallipoli. Made you feel sorry for any ANZAC confronted with it.

More eye candy to come soon!

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