Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two months...two armies

I'm one of a small group of gamers over on TMP that gush about the 10mm scale.  It looks good and paints up quickly.  Tomorrow marks the two month anniversary of my ACW project.  In addition to a whole lot of terrain (not pictured), I painted up two armies each consisting of five brigades of infantry (21 regiments), two regiments of cavalry, some skirmishers, and six batteries of artillery.  That's over 1100 figures!  I'm still only about 80% finished, but now I'm wondering how my little board is going to accommodate a scrap between these two forces.

The figures are mostly Pendraken, plus some Perrin and GHQ units thrown in.  The GHQ boys look small compared with the others, but Perrin blend in nicely with the Pendraken.

ACW armies look naked on a plain table, don't they?  They're begging for terrain.

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