Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Appomatox

The war is over!  In just under three months time, I have completed my Civil War project.  I finished up with some nice command stands and supply wagons.  Note Honest Abe consulting with General Grant in the stand on the left.  I think this would make an excellent objective marker for a hypothetical Ewell's raid on Washington scenario.  The Lincoln vignette is manufactured by GHQ, so it looks wispier than the rest of my army, but, come on, who would pass up the chance to have the Great Emancipator at the head of their army?

All told, I finished:

33 regiments of Union infantry
4 regiments of Union cavalry (mounted and dismounted)
12 sections of Union artillery (3" ordinance rifles and 12 lb. smoothbores)

31 regiments of Confederate infantry
5 regiments of Confederate cavalry (mounted and dismounted)
10 sections of Confederate artillery (3" ordinance rifles and 12 lb. smoothbores)

In total, that's 1830+ figures in just under 90 days.  I also scratch-built a pile of terrain in that time.  That's 20 figures a day, for those keeping score.  Sorry if I sound like I'm boasting or gloating.  It really only took the discipline to sit down for one hour every day.  I don't think I'm anything special in terms of my production or the quality of my painting.  But the army is done!  And I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Now on to fix up my 15mm American War of Independence army...
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