Sunday, December 16, 2012

Et tu, nature?

So, I'm beginning a new project: 15mm Post Roman Britons and Saxons.  Gonna get my Arthur on.  So, I spent an hour prepping my first Roman-British Cavalry and Saxon infantry, gluing little shields down and mounting them on popsicle sticks. The minis are from Splintered Light.  They look good and there is shockingly little flash on them.

Anyhow, I went out very early this morning to prime them, so as not to disturb the neighbors with spray paint fumes.  I left them out to dry for an hour before I brought them back in the house.

When I went back out again, the troops were all in disarray.  Most had been ripped from their popsicle stick sprues.  Many were scattered on the ground (fortunately, I had raked the day before, or else my troops would have been found in the spring, resembling the bog man).  A guilty looking squirrel chattered down at me from a tree.

Stupid Saxon Squirrels!

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