Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When the lead starts flying

Seven students selected my miniatures mini-assembly.  None of them had any table top gaming experience ("Is this like Risk?" I was asked repeatedly).  However, the rules were simple--I used Fistful of Lead, perhaps the perfet set of rules for convention-style skirmish games--and the kids were bright and willing.  We played four turns, enough to reach a satisfactory resolution.  Each student had a gang, and the goal was to survive the game with as much plunder as possible from the ghost town.  Grab or shoot?

The winner was Mike, the dude in the non-dress-code blue hoodie who stormed into the center of town, snatching up a half-dozen crates before firing a shot.  He was feeling really confident until he realized that he was now the target for all the other players.  ("Wait...what?" he said as a hail of bullets came at his gang) .  Though two of his gunfighters were killed by long-range shots, he only needed one survivor to cash in his loot.

Poor Shira, the one girl in the group, barely got out of the gate when two of her gunfighters went down after an attack by Dylan, the guy to her left, who ended with little to show for his aggression.  There was a sharp little firefight near the hacienda, and a few banditos took some serious wounds, resulting in a draw on that end of the table.

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