Saturday, July 20, 2013

Historicon Photos, Friday PM

Didn't get home until late last night because of a fun and intense game of Dungeon Hack that was hosted by Noah Guilbault and his son that went on until after midnight.  Still had plenty of time to take in a wide variety of games.  This year's theme is 1863, and the American Civil War was well represented, but fans of other periods would not have to look long to find something they liked.  It's loud, and busy, but there is a great friendly atmosphere here that makes it a blast.

The epic dungeon.

Hm.  This looks vaguely familiar.

My boys.  The thief got fireballed and the cleric and fighter were mobbed by the forces at evil again, but the other two were able to witness the ultimate triumph of Good.  No matter how many backs we had to stab to win it.

Bad day to be a goblin...

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