Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More progress on the British

28mm troops by their nature are more time-consuming to paint than smaller scales, and I'm feeling 
bad that I can't work to my normal breakneck pace.  However, forcing myself to slow down has made me focus on both research and technique, two areas where it can never hurt to improve.  Today, I finished up my first Divisional commander, Sir Thomas Picton.  Picton will forever be memorialized as the dude who rode to Waterloo with civilian clothes and carrying an umbrella.  Since my Brits are kitted out for the Peninsula, this model is slightly inaccurate, to which I give my usual reply: piss off.  it's fun.  Anyhow, I feel bad for Sir Thomas.  He served ably as one of Wellington's lieutenants, had a sordid career as a governor in the Caribbean, and his birth is quite literally the stuff of legends. So it's a shame really that he gets remembered as the umbrella dude who caught a bullet in his top hat.  Anyhow, here he is, being informed by a sergeant that he should probably get out of the path of the dragoon charge taking shape behind him.  Both figures are by Perry.

And here are the light dragoons.  I painted them up as the 16th, which served long and ably in Portugal and Spain, though they will stand in for many units.  I did the saddle blanket in red, which is the unit's facing color.  All illustrations I've seen do the blankets in blue, but I can't find documentation that certifies that.  The red is plausible, and it adds some nice contrast to the figure.  These guys are Old Glory.

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