Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tabletop Germantown: Now it's personal

Today marked our third class session in my class' refight of the battle of Germantown (1777) in glorious 15mm-o-vision.  While the first sessions seemed to follow the historical script quite closely, today we took off in bold, and occasionally silly, new directions.
Quote of the day came from the two girls in the class (one fighting for the Continentals, one fighting for the British) who petitioned to form their own nation. "Can't we declare ourselves Australia and declare war on everyone else?"
The British Guard arrive on the field, surveying the battle and deciding to engage the militia to their left or the New England to the right.  Note that the British artillerymen apparently found their blue coats too unfashinable and traded them in for a spiffy red.  The teacher learns a valuable lesson: never paint from memory.

"Sir!  The rebels have advanced on our flank!"
"Have we taken any casualties yet?
"No, sir."
"What are they firing? Marshmellows?"

General Grant, his troops apparently mounted on snails, creeps towards the battlefield. By turn five, his troops were finally able to deploy into line.  In our next class session on next Tuesday, he may actually bring them into firing range.

Sam (General Howe) learns the meaning of the word "retreat." He also learns the meaning of the word "ouch."

Most of the games I run with students develop into confusing scrums like this.  Individual units get sent off to meet a distant threat, and soon each commander has units all over the battlefield, each one struggling to maintain communication with their commander.  This was the scene after the Americans caught up with the British light infantry who fled the Chew House. On the left side of the photo, the brigade which was sent to relieve them is now fighting for their lives.

Both sides finally came up with a battle plan.  Sun Tzu's job is safe for the time being.

Tune in next week!
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