Monday, March 24, 2014

Zulu War: A Work in Progress

After selling my 15mm Anglo-Zulu War figures, I went out and bought a bunch of 28mm Anglo-Zulu War minis.  I looked at other periods, but none of them have the cool movie associated with it that makes me want to go refight Rorke's Drift.  I found a copy of the Warlord Games' boxed set for Rorkes Drift available for a song on eBay. I have not attempted to construct the laser-cut houses yet, but I love the resin sandbag and biscuit box obstacles.

Most of the minis are Old Glory 28mm metal figures.  Not my favorite range (except for the unmarried Zulu warriors, which look great), but they paint up well.  The unit on the Zulu left is Warlord plastic.  They are more slender than the metal figures, but not so much so that they look incongruous on the same battlefield.

I've done two units each of Zulus and British. I'm nearly done with the British force, but I'm going to need a hella lotta more Zulus. 

Zulus, sir! Several of them!

Men of Harlech, stop your dreaming. Something something spearpoints gleaming...

The Warlord warband.  Usuthu!

Some primes and unpainted Zulus can be seen in the left background.  I'm testing the fit on my old movement trays, since these figures use the copper-zinc alloy 20mm bases that my old 15mm figures did.  It's a tight fit, but they work well.

"Independent fire at will!"
"Very nice of 'im."

Spit, boy, spit!

Because we're here, lad. Just us. No-one else.

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