Saturday, June 7, 2014

NJCon Photos

A friendly, competent staff.

A well-lit, comfortable and carpeted hall.

Spirited and friendly gamers.

Gorgeous and fun games.

And bathrooms that were clean at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon.

What's not to like about NJCon?  A big thank you to the staff for a fun event!

Pegasus Bridge. On June 6.  Wow.

I have to hand it to FOW Tournament games--they always do a good job with terrain.

I helped Joe Alexander run his Age of Marlborough game.  Tons of lead, and, in true Ambler Gamers spirit, it was fast, fun and bloody.

There was a small but well-stocked dealers room. I finally got my coveted copy of Sails of Glory.

I gotta try Sergeants one of these days. Their games are always well-attended and spirited.

And our game gets underway...

My cavalry pounces on Turn One.  After some early triumphs, they quickly found theimselves in hot water when the dragoons failed to arrive in support.

And here come the Dutch.

Viking general rides a Jesus horse!

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