Saturday, November 8, 2014

The 28mm Classroom, Part II

The battle continues.  Note that my daughter has chosen to deploy not just the TARSDIS, but 28mm Cybermen, Daleks,a nd Weeping Angels I got for my birthday.  Zack couldn't make this session, SO Carter was left playing the French by himself.

That is not our usual school uniform. In the week leading up to homecoming, we have special theme days to build spirit. This was taken on "Throwback Thursday."  Anyhow, Carter has seen the hole in the British line and has charged the hapless Spanish. One battalion was thrown back in disarray, but the reserve unit behind it was able to stand, despite heavy casualties. 

The results of the charge.  The reserve dragoons ignored the square of British light infantry. They're about to discover what an enfilade is.

Emily has successfully engaged the French Chasseurs a cheval, and now she contemplates that, with the forces being roughly equal, the survival of the British flank rests on a 50-50 chance. squadron of French light cavalry disintegrates! In BP terms, each side inflicted four (!) casualties on each other.  Emily then successfully rolled   four morale saves, while Carter failed all four, then blew his break test.  Good thing that two of my gamers are taking a course in Probability and Statistics, so we can calculate exactly how unlikely that outcome was...

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