Sunday, April 26, 2009

"The Soloist" for gaming nerds

John Desmond, a member of PAGE (Philadlephia Area Gaming Enthusiasts), sent this item about Allan Calhamer, the creator of the popular board game Diplomacy. Turns out he peaked early and never really accomplished much after that, moving on to a series of menial service jobs.

A shame, really. Diplomacy was a cornerstone of past and present game clubs. It is still an elegant paragon of good game design, spawning countless imitators and variants. Nerds like me learned a lot about social skills (like lying and skullduggery, to be sure, but they marked an improvement over what I started with: none) through the game. Who doesn't have a story about how the game brings out hard feelings in the real world?

So, Allan, for what it's worth, thanks.
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