Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ah...the Guild

OK, like, I was probably the last nerd on the planet to see "The Guild," which brings my nerd cred seriously into question (though I got serious props from one of my freshmen last week, who said "Rabuck, I think you're the only teacher on campus who can even pronounce the word "Manga").

I don't even do online gaming, and I find this show hysterical. The characters are all repulsive in their own way, yet the actors are deft enough to make us feel sympathy for them.

The recurring role played by Wil Wheaton has transformed him from the actor I most loathed to one I find intelligent, artful, and wickedly funny. His Chaos character in "The Guild" is about 180 degrees from Wesley Crusher, and Wheaton clearly has a ball playing an incarnation of pure evil. It's not just Codex who gets the serious skeevies from Wil in the following episode...

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&from=sp&vid=58dc04b6-be05-47a7-8296-a61186029f0a" target="_new" title="Season 3: Gag Reel - Episodes 5-8">Video: Season 3: Gag Reel - Episodes 5-8</a>

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