Saturday, October 3, 2009

Battle of Germantown, 3 Oct, 2009

This year, I took my son to the re-enactment of the Battle of Germantown, which takes place at Cliveden, formerly known as the Chew House. The Chew House was the site of the battle's turning point, and it provides a great backdrop for this annual commemoration. For details of the event see

This guy is one of the best interpreters I have ever seen, period. He spins a compelling tale about the role of blacks in both the British and Continental armies. He does it with humor, insight, and showmanship. Bravo!

Here come the generals, sharing a peaceful moment together before hostilities erupt

"May I have a photo, sir?"
"There's a price. You must name my unit."
"You're a Hessian grenadier."
"Correct. You may take your photograph."

This private from the 1st R.I. agreed to a photograph without a trivia challenge.

It just wouldn't be a re-enactment without highlanders, now, would it? Perhaps they would paint themselves blue if I asked?

The guy in the foreground was pretty funny. He broke ranks to come chat with us punters while his unit was stationed in reserve.

Get that gun into position!

The militia on parade.

The Pennsylvania rifles. The actual unit was positioned a few miles away, near the Rittenhouse Town mill. But we're all glad they showed up.

The Continental army makes ready to advance on the Chew House.

But the British stand ready.

Washington's army gives as good as they get.

Out boys from Pennsylvania harry the British flank.

Hold the line!

The British retreat into the Chew House.

My son, who thought the loud noises were great, was seriously worried about the welfare of the horse.

Alas, the rebels are once again stymied by the defense of the Chew House. Perhaps next year can bring a different result...
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