Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend terrain party

As I wrap up my WWII project and look ahead to my first foray into moderns, I decided to use the interlude to catch up on some terrain features.  First up were some stucco houses for my 1993 Somali scenario.  Whether I choose to game in Mogadishu, Afghanistan, or Falujah, these simple dwellings will come on handy.  Even on the small boards used in Force on Force, you need a lot of buildings.  I'll probably buy some JR Miniatures for the centerpieces, but I'll fill in the outlying districts with houses like these.  I made these houses out of foamcore board, purchased for a dollar a sheet at the local dollar store.  An exacto knife and some white glue was all it took, then a quick spray with some stone-finish paint I had laying around from a long-forgotten project.  Five houses took less than two hours start to finish, including drying times for the glue.

Self-adhesive floor tile, which cuts easily with a hobby knife, provided the base for these ponds/marshy areas.  Using the method I used to create embankments for my hedgerows, I defines the edges of the pond.  A quick spray of primer, then I painted the water (very thinned layers of dark blue, blue, and green) and terrain.  I applied a heavy coat of gloss varnish to create a water effect, then I added flocking to the ground bits.  Viola!

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