Saturday, March 16, 2013

Miniatures Playtest Review: Dux Bellorum Case Study

These rules use special resources called Leadership Points to sway the tide of battle. Hard to allot in a single-player game, I did the best I could and was not displeased with the results.  I think the mechanic would work much better against a human opponent, though. 

After both sides drew closer together, the cavalry on the British flanks charged.  The general’s companions stalled, but the other unit chased the Saxon archers away.  The cavalry charge was followed by an advance of the Roman-British shieldwall.  The coordinated attack drove one Saxon warband away.  The early tactical advantage seems to favor the Romano-British, as their cavalry control the flanks, but the savage Germanic warbands wear the shieldwall down quickly, and the British center looks like it might fall apart.

Clinging to desperate hopes, the Roman line holds together as the commander does what he can to shore up morale.  The cavalry tries to take advantage of the time bought so dearly for them, and they slam into the Saxon household companions.  The shieldwall withstands the charge, however.  The battle rages back and forth until the other Roman cavalry unit crosses the battlefield and slams into the Saxon companions from the rear.  What should have been a bloody rout became a valiant stand, as the inspirational Saxon commander held his lines firm.  The Saxon warbands finally start to break the shaken Romano-British lines before them.  Eventually, the casualties start to tell, and one by one the defenders make their excuses and head for home.

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