Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fantasy. Why not?

A colleague and I plan to offer a role-playing club (in addition to the simulation games club I currently offer) next year, so I decided to dig up some fantasy lead that was at the bottom of my pile and give it a go.  I started with two 28mm centaurs, because I like centaurs, and a 15mm balor who is there to give my Arthurian troops a fright.  He looks a little puny next to the centaurs.  That should teach him to lay off the potions of diminution.

While the photography is up to my usual crummy standard (gotta build a lightbox one of these days), I am quite pleased with how the centaurs turned out.  The faces in particular are the most lifelike I have ever painted.  I credit the snazzy new sable brush you can see in the background.

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