Sunday, May 12, 2013

Running Middle Earth

OK, I'll admit it. I could stand to lose a few pound.  And going to the gym is a chore rather than a pleasure for me.  I'm always searching for motivation.  So I decided to give up on the gym and  run across Middle-earth.  Well, I'll still be on the treadmill, but I'll be tracking my progress across Middle-earth, starting at Bag End and hopefully one day reaching Mount Doom.  I started with three miles yesterday.  That puts me over the Hill and across the Water, through Hobbiton and a ways down the Bywater Road.  Given that Bilbo ran this stretch as he hurried to catch up with the dwarves..well, all I can say is that Prof. Tolkien must have exaggerated how out-of-shape Bilbo was.  Or maybe the Shire is less hot and humid than my gym.

I'll give updates at major landmarks. But right now, Buckland is looking very far away.

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