Friday, December 13, 2013

And I get paid to do this

As we wrap up our unit on the French Revolution and Napoleon, and as the holiday season draws near, I like to trot out the minis and teach a class on warfare of the era.  There are tie-ins to much of what they have learned already: the rise of nationalism and the effects of the levee en masse on the French army. Of course the students have lots of questions about painting and collecting the minis, which I am more than happy to answer, and more than a few express interest when I tell them that the miniatures are connected to a game I play.   All told, it winds up being a fun lesson for me to teach and a memorable experience for them.

Inevitably the following exchange takes place in these classes:

Girl: Wow, these figures are so cool!
Me: Wow, you know how many times I heard that when I was in high school?
Girl: Lots?
Me: Try again.

And since this is the first time I have had all of the 28mm Napoleonics that I have been painting since last June assembled on the same table, I thought I would include some shots of the minis without my students cluttering up the shots. My daughter in the photo below doesn't count.

Yes, they're Bavarians.  In Spain.  I like Bavarians.  Deal with it.

My students were kind enough to not point out that Napoleon's time in Spain was relatively brief and that he never directly confronted the English in person.

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