Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Embracing the classics

While my initial project was simply to create a British Napoleonic army, how could I resist the chance to paint up a Napoleon of my very own?  I think it's mandatory for all fans of the period to have a tiny tin Corsican running around in their storage bins.  This sculpt from Perry caught my attention.  i like the impression it gives of a council of war, with Bonaparte rising confidently above the petty deliberation of lesser mortals. 

Gotta have a Wellington to match Bonaparte, no?  Even though the two didn't meet until long after all the British shakos I painted had been switched out for newer models, I like the idea of these two tiny dioramas facing each other across the table.  Here, Wellington and Uxbridge confer while ignoring a Spanish general who clearly wants to protest about being ignored.

Sometimes, you get tired of painting so many redcoats.  Since one of the main uses of my minis is as a teaching tool diorama, I felt that my collection would not be complete without a couple of divisions of French to stand off against Ey English.  So there you go.  That's how the madness starts. 

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