Monday, October 27, 2014

High School Crusaders: The Bloody End

On our final day of the simulation, things were going fast and frenzied.  Units started vanishing from the table as accumulated casualties took a toll on morale. The decisive end that seemed so elusive in the first few sessions. Students had a great time, and while military history is not a major theme in the course, it was a happy break from the rather heavy religious, cultural, and narrative perspectives we had been taking to this point.  We got close to a conclusion as the number of units able to contest possession of the objective (an oasis) thinned down, but time moves on, and the Second Crusade won't teach itself.

Shira finally got the hang of using the Turkish horse archers, and she began to harass the plodding infantry opposite her.  The counterattack by the knights made the Muslim right flank particularly interesting. 

Row after row of earnest pilgrim get ground into oblivion. Apparently their faith was not as an effective a shield as...well, a real shield.

Armored crossbowmen occupy a particularly good position on the hill, but an unbelievably good volley from the Arabic archers wiped them out, leaving the knights ahead of them isolated.

Muslim cavalry punches a hole in the Christian center, but the Crusaders rally and begin to  push ruthlessly towards the oasis in the background.

The Turks clear their side of defenders, but the rest of the battle has flowed to the center of the table.

The guy in the red shirt is Zack, just after he realized he uttered the sentence "Can I pound Drew in the rear?" out loud. He then corrected himself and asked if he could attack Drew's flank, which wasn't much better. 

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