Thursday, October 2, 2014

How much lead can a table support? Wednesday night Napoleonics

Ambler Gamers have been on a Napoleonics kick lately, with a monster two session game that ended last week and another one that began this week.  Tonight, my Brits made a special guest appearance, fighting alongside Russian and Prussian allies against a horde of Frenchmen and their minions.

Joe's basement is a gaming wonderland. Usually, we only use half the table in our weekly games. Recently, though, Joe has uncovered its full magnificent length.  I believe over 2500 figures were present on the battlefield.

Here's my British force.  Looks like a lot, huh?  I spent all last year painting them. I should have painted more...

My Russian allies to my immediate left.  Steve Turn contemplates the pain he is going to inflict on me while he eats dinner.

And here come the Prussians, swarming in from the left as they did last week.

Lots of cavalry in this battle.  Lots.

And in the center of the French line, a Guard division.  Joe realizes that despite setting up the game, his Russians are going to have to face Napoleon's old Grognards.

Every time I face off against Steve, we start the game with a  cavalry charge on Turn 1.  Last night was no different.  I was hoping for more from my light horsemen.  They suffered some early losses before they began to give back a little.

With my small cavalry brigade tied up, Steve realizes that he can force me into square with his remaining Polish lancers, perfect fodder for his guns.

Scott shows his contempt for the Prussian hussars who threaten his flank.

Scott faced foes to his front and right. He still had traffic problems getting resources where they needed to be.

Joe finds that his own cavalry has the ability to underperform.  Still, there's more where that came from.

Steve Pilch plugs a hole created by retreating cavalry with...more cavalry!

Scott seized ground int he center of the table early in the game, but the Russians plodded inexorably forward. Nobody plods like Russians. 

Steve pulls some of his cavalry back beyond my artillery range. My troops finally have a chance to pull back behind the hill to regroup. Annnnnnnd they blow a command roll.  Dangit.

My flank gets threatened. Do I worry? Nah.  I still have a battered unit of dragoons to throw away.

The Russians press the French center.

Did I mention the cavalry?  Because there was cavalry.  Lots of it.

Behold the thousand foot general!  Steve Pilch tries to decide whether to throw his cavalry aimlessly at the French lines, or to fall back, regroup, and hurl them aimlessly on a later turn.

"What do you mean we don't have rules for flushing skirmishers out of woods?"

I think I sent more infantry battalions into square than I ever have in my life. Because cavalry.  You'll note that my dragoons have sought the relative safety of the dead pile.

My Light Brigade trying to make life less pleasant for the French. While they held up two brigades with their defense of the woods, they paid a high price.

Scott surveying the field at halftime.  We'll finish next week. My flank is falling fast, but my Brits will be able to get a few good volleys in. Meanwhile, the rest of the field is a near-run thing.

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