Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pennants this battlefield.

The final day of our Sword and the Flame extravaganza.  The game was a huge hit among the students, and several wished they had been playing this game the entire semester.  Well, gang, for me to do that, I'd have to buy individually mounted 28mm troops for every period I teach,..hmmmm.

Tim reacts to some nasty British artillery pounding his Zulu hordes.  Note my Tardis in the background. It's messier on the inside.

Zulus on and over the Ramparts.  Just as in the historical battle, the hospital fell, but the British rallied behind the biscuit boxes around the storehouse.

After the first attack petered out, the Zulus invoked the "zombie rule." All Zulu casualties were allowed to return to the field, but the British were allowed to redeploy inside the compound.  Sadly, few of the British reinforcements made it that far.

The game at the end. The surviving British made a stand inside the "well-built kraal."  Three waves of Zulus threatened the drift, of which the British were able to fend off one.  Lots of blood and heroism. A great way for these students to wrap up their senior classes!

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