Monday, March 14, 2016

Rorke's Drift 2016

Our study of Rorke's Drift/Isandlwana last year was so resoundingly popular that I decided to add it to the regular rotation. Comparing Zulu and British ways of thinking about war was provocative, especially after reading Marlantes' What it is like to go to War. And, of course, we got to watch Zulu, one of the best war films of all time, in my opinion.  Ian Knight provided a lot of the reading for this section, through both his excellent Zulu Rising and his more approachable Osprey book on the Zulu War.

The  Battlefield.  I gave the students a chance to deploy the British inside the compound.  The two "horns" of the Zulu attack were moved off the board and allowed to appear anywhere on the flanks on turn three.

Bromhead's platoon. Though most of the figures are Old Glory,I have some plastic Zulus from Warlord. And, of course, I had to represent the cinematic heroes with the character miniatures from Empress!  Michael Caine can be seen in the left foreground.  Note that this is before the students deployed the British infantry within the compound.

And here is Stanley Baker with his platoon.

Two Zulu leaders push the head and loins at the ramparts.  The northern walls seem thinly manned...

Holy crap! says a British commander. That's a lot of Zulus!

Where we left off today's session.  Despite heavy fire, two impis reach the walls.

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