Saturday, March 19, 2016

Teaching the Revolution

From the newsletter of the Towamencin Chapter of the Children of the American Revolution:

Mark Rabuck, historian, met with the children to tell them about the Battle of Bunker Hill.  It is the 250th Anniversary of the Battle.  He used a diorama with toy soldiers to show them what happened.

They learned that most of the fighting took place in 1775 on Breed Hill not Bunker Hill.  General Howe was the leader for the British and General Prescott was the leader for the Patriots.  During the fight, the Patriots stayed up all night to build a huge wall like structure – the British were very surprised to wake up and see it the next day.  The expression “don’t shoot until you see the whites of their ‘eyes’ “ was coined in this battle because the Patriots ran out of ammunition and eventually had to flee.  The Patriots lost 145 soldiers with 274 wounded, while the British were the big losers with 226 killed and 828 wounded.  The Patriots may have lost but they left feeling very confident for the next battle.

OK, the press misreported a few details.  But the kids were a great audience who asked lots of good questions.  And they loved the minis, of course.

Miniature there anything they can't do?

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