Wednesday, August 29, 2012

15mm AWI British Ready to go

Regular readers know that I run an annual simulation of the Battle of Germantown with my Military History class.  Our school played a role in the battle, serving as a hospital for the British just behind their main lines.   I've always used 6mm Baccus figures.  The students had a great time, but I always felt the spectacle of the game could be improved.  So this summer, I sold all of my old 6mm AWI soldiers and started anew.  Most of the figures below are Musket Miniatures, but there are some odd Minifigs and Old Glory figures I picked up on eBay.  I went for color and spectacle rather than accuracy.  

First, Lord Howe's army:

 The artillery, with Hessian support to the rear.

The British have one unit of dragoons, here passing some casualties by.

General Howe himself, waving encouragement to a unit off screen while a column led by Grenadiers prepares to march by.  Look, some idiot mounted the regimental flag on the unit in the rear upside down!

BTW, flags are from the excellent Warflag site, a great resource for cheap gamers like me!

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