Wednesday, August 29, 2012

15mm Continental Army Ready to go

And here are their opponents, Washington's Continental army.  I have nine students enrolled in the class this year, which should give each of them a brigade of 3-4 units to command.  one of the goals of the assignment is to apply the ideas of Sun Tzu and Clausewitz to the decisions they make, and to write up an after-action report describing the reasons for their success or failure.  We take a whole week and a half to fight the battle.  It ends up being a highlight of the senior year for many.  This year I'm planning on using a modified version of Black Powder, which I think does a good job of simulating the command difficulties each side had in this battle.

Here's the man, G-Dub himself.  He's checking out the artillery with his French poodle Lafayette at his heels. OK, I know that Lafayette was not present at this battle.  But he did visit out school in the 1830's, so I felt it important to include him.

American militia get ready to enter the fray.  Last year, I had special rules for General Stephen's inebriation.  Added a lot to the humor element.  This year I'll probably just give his units a low command number.

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