Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another project

So this year, I have completed several projects: The Zulu Wars, the ACW, and the American War for Independence. Each project consists of two sides, with enough units to fight a multi-player battle. I'm pretty happy with my progress, and while I fall far short of professional painting standards, I'm also pretty happy with my progress as a painted. I decided to try a few new things with my latest project: WWII in Western Europe. I had grown quite attached to my homebrew dip, which consisted of Finish floor polish, distilled water, a few drops of Jet Dry, and some black ink. However, I decided to try Minwax Walnut stain. It looks good on these 10mm figures, though it lacks the pop that the black wash provided. It also came out really glossy, which is why I am glad thought I bought a flat brush-on varnish. Frosting has not been a major issues lately, but it has been so humid around here that I did not want to take chances.

The figures are 10mm Pendraken.  The poses are limited, relative to their ACW line, but the castings are very clean and require almost no prep prior to priming.  They are insanely easy to paint.  After months of painting 18th and 19th century troops, its a pleasure to paint troops that do not carry flags or wear brightly colored cuffs and turnbacks.  I did this lot--two companies of infantry, support weapons, an anti-tank gun, two armored cars, and two Stugs, in four days. Still need to add some decals to the armor.

I plan to use these figs with both Battlefront WWII or a modified set of Squad Leader rules.  Gotta love Squad Leader.  Thirty five years old and it's still a heckuva lot of fun to play.

I'll post some pictures of the finished AWI project  after I bring them to their new home at my school.

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