Monday, June 17, 2013

Hide the pretzels! Here come the Bavarians!

Well, it took about a week, but my first unit of 28mm Bavarians is ready for basing.  You can see the second unit in the background, with most of the big color areas blocked in.  These took longer than I anticipated, and they do not allow for the shortcuts I am accustomed to taking in the smaller scales.  ("OK, this little blob of flesh will simulate the hand...")  I decided against spending any time on the faces, but I will try to render good eyes and mouths as I move on to the Perry British I have, where the sculpts seem more inviting.

I can see some areas that could use some improvement, like the collars and surcoats, but on the whole, I am pretty satisfied with my first foray into a new scale.  I still can't get used to the weight of the plastics, and even though I thought I had cleaned of all of the flash, I found lines appearing in areas I thought were clean once I had applied paint.  Some packs that I had applied securely now dangle off their owners' bodies at alarming angles.  But now that they are painted up, I can appreciate the look.  If these Hat figures are bottom of the line as far as hard plastic minis go, I can't wait to try out the Victrix and Perry.

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