Sunday, June 2, 2013

While the wife's away...

Mrs. Mad Doctor is away in Maryland this weekend, running a half-marathon in 90 degree heat.  As fun as that sounds, I stayed home with the kids, hit the playgrounds, and worked on reducing my pile of unpainted lead.  I bought these Old Glory 10mm Napoleonic British a few years ago to give my Austrians a break when they got tired of fighting the French.  In truth, it took about a week and a half to put together these three small brigades and their support.  I still have some Guards, Light Infantry, and Portuguese infantry to paint, as well as some Hussars.  I've said it before: 10mm gives good-looking results for a minimum investment in time, treasure, and talent.  I also took advantage of the weekend to sculpt some foam hills to capture some of that rugged Iberian terrain.

In the photo above, companies of the 60th American Rifles skirmish ahead of the main body of infantry.  The trousers in this photo look far bluer than they actually are.

Some Light Dragoons wonder if they can treat the infantry battalions as speed bumps as they rush into battle.

Massed British guns, realizing that even in a battery like this, they're still likely to lose a duel with the heavier French artillery.

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