Thursday, June 13, 2013

You may say to yourself: My God, what have I done?

So after years of snark and smug superiority, I have decided to take the plunge into plastics.  I like to experiment with a new range every summer, and this year I decided to go for 28mm Napoleonics.  I already have my 10mm guys, who are great for providing the impression of huge masses of troops, but I like the color and detail these larger guys provide.  I finally think I'm a good enough painter to do the period justice.

The main body of my army is going to be British,, but I wanted to wet my feet on these Hat Bavarians, since Bavarians are cool and I got them cheap on EBay.  They feel light and flimsy, as I expected, though the gluing went far better than I could have hoped.  I clipped off the flags, since I want to use paper flags, but my attempts to glue wire flagpoles to the stump have ended in failure this far.  Hope I didn't screw up royally.
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