Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Best Grampa ever!

We've all been through the ordeal of having to explain our gaming hobby to our loved ones.  I remember sitting down with my parents when I was twelve (many, MANY years ago). Once they were satisfied that Dungeons and Dragons was a formalized game of make-believe, and not some satanic ritual taht would have me sacrificing the dog to Hastur, they were cool to let me do my own thing.

My friend and colleague Mike had parents with a similar attitude, though his father is a historical re-enactor, so it was probably less of a journey for him.  But once he explained role-playing to his grandfather, his Grampa went out and and made Mike some miniatures out of a small toolbox and some roofing nails.  He twisted wire around the nails to make a body, then painted them up to create player characters.  They stand about the same height as 15mm figures, and they're just too cool to see!  Better than some of the Grenadier figures I remember from my youth...

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