Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prospero Ano Nuevo!

Happy 2014, everyone!  I am a slave to tradition on New Year's Eve: Chinese Dumplings, sparkling wine, and a 10:00 pm bedtime.  This year, my kids are old enough to stay up to midnight. They celebrated with noisemakers in my ear.  Cute.  They're out of the will.

During my nonsectarian Winter Break, I painted up some Spanish allies for my Peninsular British.  I have two battalions of infantry done (Eagle Figures), a small unit of Perry guerrilleros (from their Carlist War range), and a bastion I picked up last summer from the Magister Militum Vaubanesque range.  There's one more battalion of Spanish waiting on deck, but they paint up quickly and I am confident they will be finished by the time I go back to work on Monday.  I'll have to wait until I'm back at work before I have access to a high-resolution color printer to print out some flags for these boys.

The Eagle Spanish all have a regular look about their uniform and poses.  Not quite the ragged troops most sources describe, so I have here done them up as a freshly equipped brigade following the 1808 regulations.  They look a lot sharper than any of my French or British, so I will have to play up the irony of pretty troops fighting poorly.  The Eagle troops are very easy to paint. The figures are more "human proportioned" than the Perry, Old Glory, or Victrix troops in my army thus far.  They look fine in their own units, but I would hesitate to mix them in with figures from the other makers.

The Perry guerilla fighters look amazing, as one comes to expect from the Perry Brothers. It has been a while since I painted an irregular unit. I've grown lazy churning out unifrmly armed and equipped units. Still, it was fun painting stripes on the pantaloons and mixing up the hat colors and styles.  These guys are probably a little more colorful than most guerrillas who fought in the Peninsular War, but I wanted them to be eye-catching!  I think some special rules regarding their use in Black Powder are warranted. I was thinking of making them Marauders who set up last anywhere on the board no more than 12" from the nearest enemy. Then give them really fragile morale to simulate them melting away into the hills when the French try to engage them with force.

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