Thursday, January 9, 2014

Attack on Pirate Island: Before the Party

Every year, my school allows teacher and students to offer hour-long mini-assemblies.  Naturally, I use the opportunity to introduce the fun and spectacle of miniature gaming to a new generation. I usually choose a fast-playing skirmish game to give kids a taste without slamming them with simulation rules.  Last year, I ran a Wild West shootout that was well received.  This year, I chose to do a Pirate game, inspired in no small part by the excellent and gorgeous game run at Historicon by the Prairie Pirates. While my game is but a pale shadow of the spectacle Scott Christian and his crew produced, I'm pretty happy with how it looks.  I decided to take and share a few photos before the students get their grubby little hands on the minis.

The fort on Pirate Island with its small garrison. The fort offers good protection, but it is a primary target for two pirate bands, intent on liberating the fort of its treasure and its prisoner: Captain Jack Pigeon.  

The Alice, the largest of the Pirate vessels.  The crew of the Alice are intent on capturing the Governor of Pirate Island and the lovely Governor's daughter.  Since half the crew is female, they won't have to share that way.

The smaller pirate vessels.  These crews are set on plunder, looking for treasure chests and the Awesome Gem of Awesomeness held by the Zombie Maroons.

The final pirate crew, aboard the Gato Gordo.  Their objective is to fight their way through the town, storm the fort, and rescue Captain Jack Pigeon.  Good luck, boys.

The Royal Marines, stationed at the edge of the town plaza and close to all four pirate ships. Though well armed, I don' think these boys will last long.

The governor and his retinue

Some naval crewmen detached to protect the (riches of) the town. Their main asset: a honkin' huge cannon.

The governor's daughter, her manservant, and her associate, the notorious Femme de Nuit.

A view of the village. Angry Mob in the background.  Nonplussed mule in the foreground.

The Zombie Maroons. Once slaves who escaped from the village, they have been zombified by the Awesome Gem of Awesomeness.  Now they are hungry for revenge.  And brains.
Finally, four big overview shots of the island.  The whole setup is about eight by four feet.

Until tomorrow!
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