Friday, February 3, 2012

Here they come again!

Well, I've finally seen the movie Zulu one too many times. My next project will be a Rorke's Drift setup in 15mm. I've ordered the minis from Old Glory and hope they will be here soon. The period has interested me ever since I was the film. I like the idea of two aggressive, sophisticated armies, both at the top of their game, with a huge technological gap between them and a gross disparity in numbers. How can you fail to have fun, as long as you are not using real assegai and Martini-Henry's?

I may look at the Black Powder rules as I get in the period and offer the Zulus a chance to wet their spears at Isandlwana, but for my early games I plan to use the Zulu War supplement for Dadie e Piombo's Smooth and Rifled game. A few years ago, I might have gone with The Sword and the Flame, but S&R seems to be state of the art, fast-paced, and fun. I hope to have the full game ready by summer time. I'll post regular updates between now and then.

Now to clear the benches by completing my 10mm medievals...
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