Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zulu! The first batch is finished!

Less than a week after I received my shipment of Old Glory 15's, I finished my first batch of 21 zulus. The sculpts are of married warriors in battle dress, which is fairly accurate for Rorke's Drift, where two of the three zulu regiments which attacked it were of married warriors. i chose to paint the shields brown and white, and I understand that older warriors typically carried whiter shields. I thought brown looked cooler, though, and in my book, cool trumps historical accuracy. I enjoy doing the historical research, but I don't kid myself as to why I'm painting these bad boys: they're toys for me to play with.

Next up is a platoon of twenty British soldiers. My ambition is to get 40 Zulus and 20 Brits painted. Then I'll move on to the terrain board and fight my first skirmish. Once I give the rules a test drive, it's on to do another 60 Zulus and 20 Brits. At that point, I think I'll be ready to assault Rorke's Drift.

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