Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My sword glows blue...orcs coming!

I began my gaming career with fantasy games: SPI's War of the Ring in 1979 (with the wicked-cool Gondor and Sauron minigames!) and the blue-box Basic Dungeons and Dragons the following year. One could argue that it was all downhill from there. Yet despite my love of the fantasy genre, I never really got into fantasy miniatures gaming, except as a supplement for D+D.  SO at long last, I shrugged my shoulders and said "Why the heck not"? I have a set of medieval rules that I think will work really well with fantasy mass combat (based loosely off of Hail, Caesar!, but I also might give the fantasy version of Impetus a whirl) and an Old Glory Army membership, so off we go!

I started these guys just over a month ago. One nice thing about orcs as opposed to Napoleonic soldiers: a lot less fiddly equipment, straps, and shako plates to paint.

Two units of Warg cavalry.  I was aiming for a shield design with bold colors and jagged lines. Only when I was done did I realize that I had invented the ZZ Top logo. Oh, well. Orcs would probably dig ZZ Top.


The Orc commander.  I'll probably stream a blood-red pennant from the skull-flagpole.

One of the units of infantry. The scuplts are Old Glory 25mm. They come to about a dollar per figure, with the OGA discount.  A much better deal than Warhammer plastics, and I like the look a lot better, too.

Another view of the infantry, this time with flash engaged.

I added a bunch of goblins from Reaper Bones, since they are going for a song on E-bay (less than $.50 each).  I missed out on the reaper Bones Kickstarter, and now that I see some up close, I'm not too disappointed.  While I like the big-headed look of Pathfinder goblins, I found that a lot of detail was lost in the soft resin casting process. Several goblins are also listing to starboard, as the resin bent in shipping and, while many could be twisted back into shape, others could not.  A C- on the Bones at best. 

I had hoped to mount the goblins four to a 40mm square base, but though the models themselves are small, their individual bases are huge. So, they will march three to a base, just like their Orc cousins.

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