Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Young Generals, Part the Third

Don considers how screwed his Prussians are while Kashta makes a tie out of his ruler to mock him.

The students discovered that die rolls had a sense of occasion if they made flamboyant tosses at the far end of the table.  Team France looks on as the fate of their left flank hangs in the balance. 

The British Heavy dragoons and their supporting Hussars drove the Guard back in disorder, but fresh reinforcements caused the British cavalry to retreat.  British cavalry retreating? That's cray-cray!

Crazy Highlanders try to capture some French guns. A line of French infantry politely awaits the outcome.

The French right flank was a crazy back-and-forth.  Prussian dragoons drove off some Chasseurs, while the rest of the Guard Brigade tried to claim the center of the battlefield.

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