Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Young Generals go Fourth

Tim looks nonplussed as his Guardsmen have just withstood a furious attack by British cavalry.

The British abandoned their position behind the reverse slope and pounced on the French center. To compensate , Garrett moved his light horsemen to serve as a reserve.  By Jove, I think he has it!

The Prussians are still in the freakin' woods!  The Prussian line infantry is being overwhelmed by the firepower of the Bavarian lines. To shore up the position, Don moved his Spanish-ified cavalry slowly through the woods to secure the position.

Ryan gazes intently at the British left. His quote of the day: "I have no clue what's going on.  Just give me the dice and tell me what I need to roll."

On the left, French chasseurs take on British line.  Though the Brits were caught in the open, they gave as good as they got, and the cavalry, already exhausted by artillery fire, beat a retreat.  On the right, Bavarian infantry show the Brits how its done when one faces cavalry. 

The Amazons Black Watch Highlanders drive into the French center.  These students do love to charge!

Sensing a moment of decision, the British right pushes forward against the weakened Guard battalions.  Tomorrow is our final session.  Will it be decisive?

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