Monday, March 16, 2015

Young Generals, Part II

British gunners, despite casualties, deliver a pounding to the French with increasingly accurate long-range fire.

Blucher's in the woods!  The Prussians arrive early, causing a big "oh, crap" moment among the French.  While the woods offer some protection, the infantry brigade will soon find itself penned in, hoping for some relief from the cavalry.

The Bavarians (yes, there were Bavarians fighting for the French at Waterloo.  I'm a Ph.D. in history! How DARE you question me!  And it's a little known fact that the Prussians wore borrowed Portuguese and Spanish uniforms.  Ph.D, etc.) respond quickly with an excellent command roll. They set up a killing zone to intercept the Prussians and they came out of the woods, and the lead battalion was pulped. 

In the foreground, Prussian and British dragoons mass to clear the Bavarians away from the woods.  In the center, a massive French column advances on thin line of British Guards. In the background, the Old Guard advanced on the British flank, only to be intercepted by the British heavy cavalry.

This should have been a slaughter. Both the Old Guard and the supporting battalion of light infantry got caught before they could form square. Unable to even get off a closing volley, it looked like curtains for the infantry. But the Grognards are tough and they held their ground (with a miraculous set of morale rolls) and the supporting attack of Hussars against the light infantry did not sweep aside their opponents as hoped.  Next turn will see the outcome of the scrum.  It's anyone's fight at present, with the winner taking a huge advantage along the flank.   

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