Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Morning at Historicon

For me, one of the real joys of Historicon is walking around and admiring all of the time, effort and talent gamers put into the scenarios the offer up for the community.  This year's convention was no disappointment. I took a lot of photos Friday morning.  More to come soon!

My Friday morning game: A Day in the Second Afghan War, by the friendly and gracious Bob Bryant. I fought on the British side, assaulting a ridge held by stubborn Pathans.

My command was the infantry on the right, composed of line infantry, Sepoys, and Highlanders. My boys fought bravely, pinning the Pathan cavalry before turning up the ridge.

Scott and Paper Terrain will be happy to take your money!  He makes some amazing stuff, and we're lucky to have him in the Ambler Gamers community.

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