Friday, July 17, 2015

How do you solve a problem like Historicon?

Friday evening, I was back for more games and eye candy.  

This amazing setup was for some kind of pulp/role-playing game. Looked pretty entertaining.

Nice miniature, lady, but finding terrain in that scale is going to be really expensive.  This was the first year I watched some of the Hobby U workshops. I may have to give one a try next year.

Where do smart gamers eat? Wegmans!

The Gnomies were out in force, as always.

And here's my Friday night game.  Note that the hills are alive with the sound of Uzis.

The majestic Alps.  the foam hills are Switzerland, to which the von Trapps had to flee.

The Austrian polizie, with Kommandant Schwartzenegger

Lonely goatherd? Check.

The adorable von Trapps

The nuns. There were two groups of nuns with guns.  The one on the right is led by soul singing Sister Whoopie

In this scenario, the jilted baroness forms a crack legion of female nazi chorus girls straight from The Producers.

The lonely goatherdess.  She successfully hooked up with the goatherd.

Rolf and the Hitler youth, a repressed sea of homoerotic energy.

The anti-Maria, played by Carrie Underwood (who starred in the live TV version). Her goal was to replace Julie Andrews. As if.

Some kind of symbolic white flower. I forget what it's called.

The Wasileskis, crafters, referees, and showmen extraordinaire

I played the stern Mother Superior and her kickass nuns. Climb every mountain, baby.

The whole table from Salzburg to the Alps.

My nuns tried to ambush the Hitler Youth in the graveyard. Sadly, the nun ninjas I sent to finish Rolf off got gunned down, leaving me at half strength.

The police tried to pull over the gangsters (who were looking for Sister Whoopie).  A chase and gunfight ended in a wreck.

Wait! That's not Julie Andrews!

Not to worry. Julie is up and dies a flying windmill kick.

My remaining nuns pursue the wermacht, led by the bitter composer from The Producers.

Theatrical Agent Max drives a beer truck into some German motorcycle troops. Beer! 

In the end, Maria (the real one) won best in show. In the game, you could reroll a bad outcome if you sang a show tune. It wasn't pretty.  Anyhow, in the epilogue, the Marias ran off together to found a lesbian music festival in New York. The Captain got hitched to the baroness, but died tragically in a u-boat in the war.  The gangsters remained in Europe to become brewers with the surviving Wehrmacht, while Sister Whoopie went and founded a convent in the Nevada desert.  me? Mother Superior remained in Austria and founded a new convent/auto body repair shop--Our Lady of the Manifold. 

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