Thursday, July 16, 2015

Historicon and Giants

Tomorrow I'm off to Historicon, leaving in the wee hours to avoid DC traffic. I'm looking forward to a long weekend of gaming and hanging out with fellow nerds.  I'm signed up for a Napoleonic game and a skirmish game based on "The Sound of Music" (!).  I'm also helping Joe Alexander run a Spanish Civil War game that was a lot of fun when we tested it last week.,

And just before I left, I finished up some Reaper Bones giants. I'm using them as test samples before I go all in on the current kickstarter. While I'm not happy with my paint job on the male storm giant, they allayed my concerns about paint adherence.  As far as the price goes, they can't be beat. Even at retail, these minis were about 1/4 of the price I would pay for metal. The Kickstarter halves even that low price.

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