Saturday, May 14, 2011

10mm Medievals ready to go

While my Napoleonics game is going on in the basement, I took advantage of a quiet hour to set up and prime a few units worth of medievals. I'm going to mount them for Impetus, which uses large bases, so it was necessary to glue them to popsicle sticks first, since they will be impossible to paint once they are based.

As predicted, the wire lances and spears proved to be a pain in the tucas. I'm not about to dremel holes in 50+ minis (there's no way that scenario is going to end well). So with a dab of cement, I propped the spears in the desires position and hoped for the best. After priming, three came loose and had to be reglued (you can see some of the damage in the photos). At least the riders went neatly on the horses.

I'm not looking forward to painting heraldry on the knights at this scale. On the plus side, the infantry should paint up fast. While I am not in as great a hurry as I was with the Napoleonics, I hope to have the first seven units done by the end of June.

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