Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playtest Moor, the moment of crisis

After four turns, the moment of crisis has arrived. While the battle is far from over, all reserves have committed. From this point on it's pretty much dice rolling.

This is the center, and as predicted this bloody scrum looks like it will determine the fate of the battle. The French skirmish screen has melted away. The French Brigade column has driven away the battered Austrian battalion before it, but now it must face a regiment of hussars. If it cannot stand a cavalry charge, the French heavy artillery behind it is vulnerable. Meanwhile, the French brigade on the other side of the river may finally see some action, but it looks unlikely to bring its full strength into battle.

Here on the French left, things have not changed much. The Austrian squares are taking a pounding, but reducing them is taking a long time.

On the French right, the Austrians have crossed the river. Another regiment of hussars has charged the Bavarian battalion left to guard the flank. Despite a devastating volley, the charge hit home (no time to form square). However, the hussars pursued their hapless foes, and they will be along time recovering. The French artillery on this flank has been pretty much taken out by a screen of jaegers who seem immune to cannister fire. The lead Austrian battalion was cut up pretty bad by the defenders, but now both sides are in a position to launch their attack columns. It will be a good test of brigade columns vs multiple assault columns.

Some rules tweaks are definitely in order. Hits on dense formations are easier to obtain, but they need to do more damage. While I wrote rules for multiple combatants, I need to add something for units behind a charge. Can cavalry behind a screen of infantry countercharge, or do they need to wait until the next turn.

I'm finding the combat system to be a grindfest up to a point, but once units lose a stand and/or go shaken, things go downhill very rapidly. I think I'll need another game to decide whether I like that or not.
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