Saturday, May 7, 2011

10mm Napoleonic Austrians 95% finished!

OK, I'm not 100% finished, but I have enough of my 10mm Old Glory Napoleonic Austrians done to lay them out on the table in a pretty impressive diorama. This scene amounts to 30 battalions of infantry (18 line, 6 landwehr, 3 grenadier, and 3 jaeger), 8 regiments of cavalry (4 hussars, 2 dragoons, and 2 cuirassiers), and 12 batteries of artillery (6 heavy and 6 light). All done in under 10 weeks, and I did an equal number of French and allies in that time as well (still need to flock the bases on one French brigade. They should be up later this week).

Then it's time to test the rules I wrote for the first time.

The troops below are set up on a 3' x 4' board I made to re-enact the Battle of Germantown for my senior elective class (that's Germantown Pike in the foreground and the Wissahickon gorge in the background). Who knew the Danube campaign of 1809 spilled over into Pennsylvania?

NOTE: OK, you have to click the photos to see them in their entirety. Seems like feels like my pictures need radical cropping.

Here is an infantry brigade. Jaegers in the front, with a line of infantry behind. Several assault columns provide support in the rear.

Another infantry brigade in pretty much the same formation. There is some artillery and a regiment of hussars attached.

The cavalry reserve, Cuirassiers in the foreground, with dragoons on the left in the distance. A regiment of hussars is ready to respond to any emergency.

I love this shot. Austrian heavy guns prepare to pound a distant enemy over the heads of their friends.

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