Saturday, October 20, 2012

15mm Mogadishu!

Finished up my 15mm Somalis and US Rangers.  The project only took about six weeks, and the Force on Force rules only need a few dozen soldiers on each side.  I wanted to do a lot of civilian mobs as well, since they seem to be an unfortunately integral part of modern urban combat.  My 2'x2' board is crowded with the buildings I made and/or painted, which is good as the parts of Mogadishu where the events surrounding the "Black Hawk Down" incident were a real tangle of houses (check out Google Maps if you don't believe me). I just need to do some road blocks and debris markers, which should be fun.

Yep, those are Vietnam-era Hueys rather than Black Hawks.  Deal with it.  They're pencil sharpeners I got off eBay for about $1.50 each.  They painted up pretty nice, if I say so myself.

As always, click to enlarge and thanks for visiting. 

The cheapo buildings I made from foamcore and painted with textured spraypaint blend in surprisingly well with the resin building I got from JR Miniatures.  They're a little bigger, but the mix of sizes and styles looks right to me.

Here come the Rangers, escorting one of their Humvees. I have not decided yet whether my Somali buildings need the Minwax/varnish treatment.  It looked really good on my WWII buildings, but I don't want to chance the loss of the gleaming white walls on the mosque and a few other stucco buildings.  Furthermore, I worry about the minwax stain pooling on the flat rooftops.

Don't mess with technicals. Speedy little insurgents, ain't they.

Anyhow, this setup is not a game I intend to play.  I'm new to Force on Force, and I think my first scenario is going to be much, much simpler.
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