Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Battle of Germantown 2012 Up close and personal

As promised, here are some closeups of the troops on the table.  I consider myself an "average" painter.  I am amazed at how good some of the hobbyists who post their work on TMP are, and I realize that I will never be able to approach their standard.  However, when I looks at minis I painted 20 years ago, and can with pride look at how far I've come from the days of "basecoat and green balsa bases." 

The flag shown in this image has special resonance in our school.  We have this flag hanging in our main lobby, a gift from a generous donor.  It was the first flag of the Continental army, ordered by Washington at the siege of Boston.  If our flag is genuine, it's worth a fortune.  I rather suspect that it's a high quality reproduction, though.  Still, since I don't know for certain, I can pretend it's genuine.

"Lord Howe, dare we enter the tangled jungles of Pennsylvania?"

"Major, my dog went in there in pursuit of a rabbit.  We must follow!"

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