Friday, October 26, 2012

Battle of Germantown 2012 Everybody in the pool!

One thing people seem to like or despise about Black Powder is the way in which the entire tide of battle can change with a few lopsided rolls of the dice.  On turn 7, the Continental force massing behind the woods was thrown into disarray when a misheard order sent one brigade off in the wrong direction and left the other two confused about where to go next.  The British took advantage of the respite and went to the scrum at the Chew House, where a massed American charge finally had driven the stubborn defenders out for good.  All of a sudden, five British brigades were closing in on two worn out  colonial brigades

Brits and Hessians close in!

The view from the American side.  In the firefight to the east of the Chew House, the dice had gone to the Americans.  The British elites decided to retire after taking heavy casualties from twice their number of Continentals.  This gave the Yanks some time to redeploy to meet the new British assault.

The rest of the Americans finally spring out from behind and around the woods.  The British were so intent on their attack that they did not have troops covering their rear, and they had to leave the first American volleys unanswered.  Thus far, three British regiments have been lost to the Amricans' one, but the shooting has only really just begun.

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